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Boxing Lessons

by Brandon Whyde

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released February 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Brandon Whyde Indianapolis, Indiana

I was born underground. Raised straight from the dirt. When my mother held me in her arms I got mud all over her shirt. My father sang better than Elvis. I am an organizational noise-maker.

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Track Name: Boxing Lessons
A shy young moon hanged just above the trees
The pond had turned an awful color green
The woods were bare, no rabbits no fair to the fox
beside our house my brother, teaching me how to box

but where was he going
where was he going
where was he going
i don't know

but all of our pain will become laughter
when he comes through
i'd assume
Track Name: Follow that Cab
you must have had a good buzz on
to go kissing ole what's his name
well don't make me yawn
you must think i got a lot of nerve
to call you up out of the blue
as if i were concerned

well my nights are endless
and the streets are cold
being young just feels like getting old
i keep chasing you down some winding road
hey buddy, follow that cab

i've never died i'm not sure i can
but if i could i'd probably be a wholly different man
there's comfort in knowing when to quit
to stay out late with the boys
and just call in sick
Track Name: Hell to Pay
the sun is shining
i got a piece of the pie
once i was dying
and i didn't know why
but i held you closer
than my mother held me
you showed me nothing
you didn't want me to see

i will get it all squared away
still got a little hell to pay
but not much

i go out in the evening
drink till i sleep
wake up to coffee
and a girl that don't speak
i started a fire
i can't put out
i'm still learning
what it's all about

i will get it all squared away
still got a little hell to pay
but not much

we can tie one on
just don't tie me down
but you can tie me up
if you wanna mess around
and if you want my love
i won't put you on
but i can get you

i wanna do some drugs with you
hear all your lies
i want to kiss you
like i'm committing a crime
i want to own you
let you own me
i want to hurt you and heal you
with my sexuality
Track Name: Tell Your Sisters
i remember you down by the creek
the sun was dripping from your hair so sweet
your sisters splashing in the water
at your feet
it always kind of felt like being saved
three mystic angels somehow willing to brave
my misery and squalor and the endless pain
but oh they're much too young
with ice cream on their tongues

so tell your sisters all to be good
i'd give you the answers if i could
but you only love if i love you back
i'm not just one of your ideas
one that can free you of your fears
then leave you stranded when you feel alone

i can't always be the one to blame
i can't be your pleasure and not your pain
and if you don't see just what i mean
that ain't my fault
but i don't know what else you want me to do

her head was in my hand
oh and it wasn't even planned
no it wasn't planned
with the t.v. turned down real low
you asked me but i did not know
do you love me
i don't know
i'd tell you
if i knew
that's the least
that i could do
do you trust me
you said i don't know