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released November 3, 2014

Produced by Tim Brantley
Mixed by Kyle Dreaden
Performed by Brandon Whyde, Benji Ballard, Chris Weller, Tim Brantley
Album Artwork by Chris Weller
Photography by Robin Scott



all rights reserved


Brandon Whyde Indianapolis, Indiana

I was born underground. Raised straight from the dirt. When my mother held me in her arms I got mud all over her shirt. My father sang better than Elvis. I am an organizational noise-maker.


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Track Name: Burn It Up
When I was young the devil used to bounce me on his knee
whisper in my ear he got a special job for me

I got to burn it up
mama your moving much too slow
burn it up
if you don't know I'm gonna let you know
burn it up
so why are you trying to break my heart

ten years old still soft in the bones and dancing to the radio
I got weak in the knees, said lord please, you're gonna have to let me go

all your crying won't do no good
the water can't put me out
I'm a live wire, forest fire
this ain't nothing but a trickle from a water spout

the doctor knew and the preacher too
that the boy just can't be saved
nothing anyone can do
just gonna have to let him misbehave
Track Name: Hell to Pay
the sun is shining
I got a piece of the pie
once I was dying
and I didn't know why
but I held you closer
than my mother held me
you showed me nothing
you did not want me to see

But I will get it all squared away
still got a little hell to pay
but not that much

I go out in the evening
drink 'till I sleep
wake up to coffee
and a girl that don't speak
I started a fire
I can't put out
I'm still learning
what it's all about

we can tie one on
just don't tie me down
you can tie me up
if you wanna mess around
if you want my love
I won't put you on
but I can get you off

I said I wanna do some drugs with you
hear all your lies
I wanna kiss you
like I'm committing a crime
and I want to own you
let you own me
I wanna hurt ya and heal ya
with my sexuality
Track Name: White Cotton
It's fading from my memory
like a book I had read when I was thirteen
where all of those lines just get twisted
until I'm turning them into dreams I've never slept with
but all the pills laid me down 'till I was off to fumble around in the factory
I would just bullshit with Ottinger
he would cut the filters from my basic cigarettes
I was reaching towards the infinite
found a bottle instead and said well just fuckin' forget it

well my heart fell from my sleeve
and blood always stains like rust on white cotton
there's no noise unless I make it
this house is as empty as the glass I just put my shot in

So put a bullet into my head
I'm a bastard and a bum and whatever else it was you said
we were doomed right from the start
just as a drunk will break a promise little girl I would break your heart
you sure had a way with your words
you could chit chat about a bunch of shit that just didn't even matter
my head grew as heavy as the stone
struck by moses' staff now won't you leave me alone
Track Name: Eighteen
I was 18 and waiting 'round for something to break
and when it did I cried I'm just a kid
but I was not then
nor have I ever been

so take me back
to the moment when it all went bad
and I will try to fix it
show me love
I am worth it
I give my love
even when I'm hurting
I'll say ankle
I will say knuckle
but I'll never say uncle

I had the moon in my eyes
slicked back my hair
said my goodbyes as if I didn't care
tucked my shirt into the front of my chinos
and headed towards the door
she was full of light
lying on the floor
had her heart broken nothing I ain't seen before
I went handing out wolf tickets on the corner in the pouring rain
but now there ain't a day that I don't feel the pain
I just miss you and I want you in my arms again

when you're 18
and waiting 'round for something to break
it always will
Track Name: The Moon Is Made of Glass
I dropped you behind my bed and went to sleep for a million years
you screamed your way into my dreams and your lips have never been so wet
I never heard you talk so loud
I can't remember if I ever heard you talk at all
But I know exactly what you're saying when you're saying nothing at all

you hated me all spring and I drank until not you nor anything
was but a ringing down in the core of me
it was wicked the way I would think of you
if I told you about it you would like it
because you're fucked up too

and I know myself too well
and you know me well enough to know
you could track me without the snow
and my scarf would unravel itself for you
and I'm losing it and I'm burning up
when I should've been so damn cool
Track Name: Gun to My Heart
you hold a gun to my heart

with your lips like shattered glass spilling whiskey
and your eyes like shattered glass shining in the street light
I've been dancing with the devil so long christ you think you would miss me
Oh but I ain't going down all alone unless you think you can whip me

I'm lifeless as a leafless limb hanging off of a dead tree
but my nerves are all screaming angels, could kill a scarecrow

I can't see a way out of it this time give all of yourself up to me
Track Name: I Am the Law
I want to be like Elvis
want to pop a lot of pills
cuz if you mix the medicine just right
it is worth a thousand thrills
and I could do this thing all night
and never get tired
so just move your body with mine
and I'm gonna have you just as wired

don't try to lock me up
don't bother taking me in
I'm standing 10 feet tall
tonight I am the law
gonna get a little wrong
to make a lot of right
hands up against the wall
tonight I am the law

I want to be like Jimmy Dean
running round on the movie screen
red jacket and a pair of jeans
messing up all the prom queens
you're cool as a hospital bed
but dangerous as a cold
and you keep playing the victim
tell me honey ain't it getting old

my hearts already broken
I'm sure you've heard it all before
but if I could love you better now
just would not love you anymore
I want to eat a spider web
fake my own death
create a dance called the turkey
claiming that it's all in the neck
time's just a magazine
ain't even nothing I want to read
you're more like a dying star on the sea
a mental scar is a memory
and if I could talk to you right now
I would not have that much to say
but if I could talk to you later on
still would not have that much to say
Track Name: Say
I got time
on my hands
no love
from my friends
I'm one heartbeat away
from causing a scene
saying what I shouldn't say

so call my bluff
I'm coming to get you

I know you're over-playing
I read a dead man's hand
I'm just patiently waiting
biding my time saying what I shouldn't say

I got time
on my hands
I've been faking amends
I forgive, never forget
I remember what you done to me
I remember what you said
Track Name: Paper Dolls
you were always running like stolen money from a bank
guess I had it coming
you should crawl on your belly like a snake

oh but when you leave
I come apart
daisy chained
by the hand and the heart
paper dolls
is all we are
paper dolls

apples and gifts of honey
we would never be the same
you could light a candle
start a fire without a flame

absence makes the heart grow darker